Cosmic Rock

“Queen City Rejects “Self Titled” EP

Charlotte, NC hardcore dudes Queen City Rejects jump into action faithful to their influences with this self titled EP. Reminding fans of early Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, “Just Look Around” era Sick of It All and other eighties/early nineties era NYHC bands. Described as “blue collar lower middle class punk rock band” QCR was formed in 2005 by Jonny Dick and former members of bands such as No More Excuses (NME), the Fat Tortoise Butcher and The Vivians.

Short, compact hardcore punk jams delivering the point and emotion with no bones about it, the Queen City Rejects put their cards on the table and clean up in an area long missing necessary bands like this. Front man Jonny Dick brings to mind pioneer 80’s punk singers like an early Mike Muir or the rough around the edges youthful Henry Rollins.  Tracks “Death Proof” and “We All Fight” could easily have been on a NYHC demo scene cassette back in the good old days of that genre history.

Definitely faithful addition to fans of the genre of NYHC by way of the streets of the Carolinas. Very little metal influences are here and they’re not really needed. This five track EP is a series of quick jams of barking shout along vocals and loose, fun guitar riffage along the lines of the early Agnostic Front material. Keeping the torch alive and held high, these guys are devotees of that era of hardcore punk.

QCR is for fans of the aforementioned bands and groups like Reagan Youth, Nausea, Discharge, The Exploited and early Rollins fronted Black Flag. If you dig those bands and the feel of that HC era, these are the guys in the Carolinas on it.