Cosmic Rock


In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I do not listen to a lot of contemporary metal these days... not like I used to anyway.


That said, I sure don't listen to much music that has strong commercial appeal but after this, I may have to rethink that altogether. Like anything else, it is just a matter of personal preferences, or tastes, whatever but this - "this" being the recent "Something Has To Die" EP from RED DEVIL VORTEX - is quite a convincing tempter.


RED DEVIL VORTEX hail from the City Of Angels, L.A., and have ignited an inferno of quickly spreading interest of late. The trio of Gabriel Connor (lead vocals / bass), Pablo Kravicz (guitar / vocals) and Iago Marcondes (drums / vocals) have been together since 2016 and they dropped this EP in April.


The five songs it contains are quite energized with razor-sharp riffs and hard-to-ignore hooks laden throughout. Pulsing rhythms and dynamic drum work deliver repeating moments of feel good modern metal / hard rock. It is all topped off with killer vocals, clean and possessing nice range and it is worth noting that all three members provide them, at times, apparently.


It works too, as these tracks are catchy as all hell, tempered with just the right amount of heaviness that's matched by a crystalline production quality. I can easily see RED DEVIL VORTEX blowing up and garnering a well-liked, large scale status with music fans in time. Remember that you read that here, first, when it does happen.


Check out the "Something Has To Die" EP from RED DEVIL VORTEX and in case you're interested, "Villains And Kings" is my favorite selection. The EP is available NOW at all the usual outlets including iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Spotify as well as Bandcamp.


For Fans Of: Black Water Rising, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium