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SHOGUN 'Infinitet' EP Review


- Pat 'Riot' Whitaker


Milwaukee's SHOGUN are back with a new 4-song EP, 'Infinitet', the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2016 self-titled EP release.


Once again, this quartet of metallic warriors - Max Muenchow (Bass), Alvin Vega (Drums), Sam Wallman (Guitar) and Joe Widen (Vocals) - strike with lethal ferocity on their latest sonic campaign. Wielding an array of weaponry that includes razor sharp guitars, bludgeoning rhythms, and pulverizing drums, SHOGUN are chiefs of true tonal warfare.


Their attack begins after the stealthy two minute or so intro that declares their arrival, "Ex Nihilo (Genesis)". Once their electrified swords are drawn, the song's advance is driven by chugging riffs and the drum kit's powerful engine. It is aggressive and unwavering, a song laden with groove that is rendered with intensity and purpose all the while.


Each of those same qualities are applied in other tracks, albeit in varying degrees and amounts, some times more, other times less. Just one listen to the melodic doom riveted second song, "Rosebud", and you will instantly recognize this to be true.


While these four songs are each stellar in their own right, I especially like the pair of cuts that arrive at this point, "Aurora" and "Metatron". The former is a phenomenally bluesy number, one that simultaneously oozes with jammier qualities while exploring more psychedelic terrains at certain points.


Those psyche elements, while hinted at on the previous song, are more fully developed within "Metatron", both musically and vocally. Heady lysergia permeates them, as the musical component is subjected to ramp-ups, and ratchet downs, in the overall delivery. The end result is one of this EP's finest moments for sure.


SHOGUN once again carve their mark upon the underground heavy rock realm with the 'Infinitet' EP. It is a battle ready representation of complete aural mastery of their domain, one ruled by the riff with allegiance to soulful excellence.


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