Cosmic Rock


In the last year certain bands have really begun to shine out of the brewing Italian underground hard rock scene. Be it stoner rock, psychedelia, doom metal, straight up rock or what have you, the Italians have been cooking up a great onslaught of rock for those with an eye early enough to catch the shining rarity. Kicking around a few years now winning over a dedicated following the appropriately named group Sonic Wolves is based around the power duo of seasoned kingly drummer Vita and American turned Italian, wandering music outlander and bassist/vocalist Kayt Vigil.

Rumbling rock and doom laden but never too slow to lose the rock, this group returns with this self titled album to be released on vinyl from Holland’s DHU and CD by British label Future Noise Recordings respectively. The band’s sound is delivered with punch and yet a swing but never loses sight of handing over a batch of solid songs with raw power. The raw power of this record is what could win many over. It delivers the goods wanted and leaves nothing missing.

“Stone Faced General”, “Grim Reaper”, “Red Temple” all are favorites. The easy dream glaze of “Heavy Light” is one of my favorites, truly excellent. Stellar cover art by Diogo Soares, recorded at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy and produced by the respected Femore Prod the band blazes sabbath fire purple from top to bottom. This is a record that in decades to come it will likely be a treasured collector piece carried by the chosen. Hearing such 70’s worship in 2018 simply means these musicians know their style, wear their influences proudly and create the kind of music they’d like to hear. Such honesty blended with fine talent never fails to create classic quality.

Where Sonic Wolves as a band is different than many acts is that Kayt’s vocals are righteously appealing and soar around the riff with wicked creative inspiration. They sail in every song over a buzzing, rumbling bass that could be just a few steps away from the late Allman Brother's Berry Oakley’s trademark rattling bass sound (with of course an edge of punk rock) and required Geezer Butler left hand walking riffage. Kayt has a long history with a lot of cool bands but here with the excellence of drummer Vita she hits her stride and feels the power of the music and the captured moment. It sounds like she’s using her fire soul inspiration and skill with no desire to prove anything to an outsider. She just says “Here it is, now you can dig it.”  

Native wolf clan mentality married to Italian ancient roman revelry vibes laid across strong dark Sabbathian grooves, Sonic Wolves offer a unique take on seventies retro rock.  

This record is more than a recording of songs you will hear at just any stoner rock band club show. It’s real. It really feels like ‘an album’. Upon a late, mysterious smoke filled night’s first listen: This record will stand the test of time and make them a reigning super power in the genre.  In short, Sonic Wolves come back packin' and Kayt and Vita are on the move.