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STONEWORK "Demonstration" EP Review - Pat 'Riot' Whitaker



Everything is bigger in Texas, right? So it is a given that riff rock and bluesy doom originating there would be massive and Houston's STONEWORK confirm it.


The band itself, the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Ron Coy, guitarist Blaze Hauser, bassist Scott Hunter and drummer Jarrod "El Guapo" Crowell, recently unleashed a beast with their "Demonstration" EP. It is quite appropriately titled too as these guys exhibit their mastery of crafting oldschool proto-metal songs. They inject them with massive southern flare ala searing guitars, pulverizing rhythms and whiskey soaked vocals.


The three songs here are a deeply delivered style of heavy metal with an occasional doom tint to them. From the introductory cut "Rise Of Cthulhu", the guys surge with a bit of a heady discharge and laid back swagger. The song's rhythmic advance is tapered with cool guitar licks but it's the unexpected one-eighty into a bit of deathly doom music mid-way that floors you. With guttural vocals and all, too!


The definite highlight of the EP arrives next, the profanity laden, homage to anything for a damn good time track, "Trans Am". This celebratory song about the excesses of partying and muscle cars is an infectious ripper, one impossible to resist. Hell, why would you?


Third and final song is the chugging, riff-driven "My Lover", one propelled by fuzzy guitars and crunchy drums. It's got some cool ass soloing to it, along with some intriguing lyrics about a significant other that may or may not be real, ha! It's yet another fantastic song that makes up the "Demonstration" EP from STONEWORK.


The EP was released back in 2017 but that's irrelevant in making the point that kick ass jams are kick ass jams, period.


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