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STONILA - "Prophecy" Review

- Pat 'Riot' Whitaker


Greece is the word, and many times the location, for some of the best rock and metal manifesting on planet Earth. Today, we are taking a glimpse at one of that nation's best, up and coming rock bands, STONILA.

Active since 2015, STONILA just released their third studio offering, the 3-song "Prophecy", back in the middle of March. Now, let me say, for the record, that I can be a bit iffy on instrumental-only bands / albums. It's just me, it has nothing to do with the bands themselves but having said that, I repeatedly discover fantastic acts devoid of vocals that continually make me reassess my shortcomings in that department.

STONILA are the ideally perfect example of such a band too, for "Prophecy" is such a phenomenal record that its greatness will not allow you to miss a lack of vocals. It is comprised of three lengthy tracks, the shortest of which is the eight minute-plus opening title number, "Prophecy".

With a slow simmering effect-heavy guitar riff introducing us to things, a heady psychedelic vibe quickly begins to take hold. From there, the music seems to explore myriad styles traversing the map, from the southern blues to the middle eastern and beyond.

I found myself thoroughly invested by the time the second song came along, as "Shield Of Water" immediately emits an almost hypnotic allure about it. Very sedate, tranquil tones and execution keeps things peaceful... at least at first. A couple of minutes into the cut and things take a subtly more aggressive bent for a bit, the guitar gets some fuel and the drums pick up.

Yet this too eventually subsides and we enter a much deeper state of sonic psychedelia. The rhythm section keeps things tight, which allows for some intensely fluid guitar pyrotechnics, ones that ride high on the hilt and make this one outstanding song.

Third and final song, "Anatolia", is over fourteen minutes playing time and it rapidly reveals itself as a much darker-vibed composition. Heavier edges and a denser feel altogether become quite apparent in this slightly more uptempo audible. Once again, the players lead us on an multifaceted aural journey and I assure you that you will never miss any vocals on a single moment of this song or the others.

There's not a whole lot of information available about STONILA which only adds to the mystique and intrigue of the Grecian powerhouse. The musicians are a mystery which goes right in hand with the mysteriously, almost mystical contents of the spectacular "Prophecy" album.

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