Cosmic Rock


SUICIDE CULT Self-Titled EP Review


- Pat 'Riot' Whitaker



Everything is bigger in Texas, ya know? At least that is a widely known, commonly accepted acknowledgement for most folks anyway.


That said, it is only right to surmise that this holds true for music then too, especially if the subjects of today's review have any say in the matter. SUICIDE CULT hail from the hottest spot for Lone Star State music, Austin, and recently released a 3-song self-titled EP.


With a name like SUICIDE CULT, it is not that far of a leap to learn that this trio - Joey Slavik, Eva Kelly and Kind J. Kelly - play uncompromisingly heavy stoner doom music. There is a subtle slant toward retro-leaning aspects in the music too, keeping things on a bit more simple, and straightforward, path... and that is just fine with me.


What is NOT subtle here are the thick-ass, fuzzened grooves and rupturing rhythmic pulses that navigate these tunes from within. Each of these selections, the shortest of which is over six minutes playing time, bubble and boil over with piercing riffs and punching drum-work.


A threefold pummeling is administered with "For Eternity", "You're Trapped/One Way Out" and "Forever Undead", each slowly lumbering from the depths and then crawling across the airwaves. With a juggernaut-like sense of purpose, a sluggish, slow-rolling ooze of heavy riffs propel each onward. While doing so, a tint of Seventies proto-metal graces the dark hued vibes of every selection.


Although on the Lo-Fi side of things, the dismal, hazy, opiate-like recesses of the songs hold onto massive reserves of fantastic playing via cool jamming. Then there are the lower-lying, effect-heavy vocals that give things an otherworldly feel that goes right along with blunt force trauma of these tracks.


So, come and partake of the ultra-fatalistic aural kool-aid of SUICIDE CULT and the tri-fold TKO of their S/T EP via the links below.