Cosmic Rock

“Sunday Boxing - Days Are Numbered EP”

Seattle grunge influence remains as it echoes onward from ’92 to 2019 with this Charlotte trio of musicians. Formed in 2015, Pete Shock, Richard Jacob and Paul Rhodes released this six song Ep of music they call grungecore. I would call this Mudhoney influenced with more of a touch of Black Flag and Fugazi riffage.

Interesting emotive clean singing on top makes this stand out from any growl heavy or mumbling moan ridden yapping common in garage rock these days. “Hot Water” is the stand out track, while the songs “Dinosaour III” and “True Chameleon” bring to mind moments of Cobain’s aggressive guitar meets Stone Gossard’s flowing style. I’m impressed by the way the band rolls along with song ideas.

“Walk Through Walls” sounds like a wandering Gregg Ginn paired with a loose Ace Frehley on guitar with bright sounding vocals. Six songs to get a feel of what they’re up to with this EP and it’s easy to say the Sunday Boxing guys are one of the more unique, fresh new indie bands in current days in the Charlotte area. For fans of garage art rock i.e. Dinosaur JR., Husker Du, Jesus Lizard and the classic Chapel Hill group Picasso Trigger.  –”