Cosmic Rock

These dudes are up to some crazy. Absorb that and ruminate on it, make sure you can handle it, repeat and sit down for awhile. Then jump up and spin this record again. A Charlotte, NC industrial metal/punk band crossing the influences of punk rock, surf rock, noise rock and more these dudes make the ultimate crazy of Mr.Bungle seem right regular and normal. A touch of Neurosis or White Zombie psych drive in movie  retro, party chillin’ in an Elvis’ jungle room décor and amps on a groovy shaking level,  these guys are a whacked out original in the punk scene of the Carolinas.

The Flight Risks dudes (known in the finest establishments around the QC as some guys named Jason, Joey, Brett and Bryan) are probably about as controllable as your most unpredictable, usually mellow then alternately super rowdy friend at a house party that spilled over with unexpected, uninvited certifiable wild guests. Favorites include “A Few Drinks never Hurt Nobody”, the slam thunder of “Jaegernaut”, and the Black Flag inspired vent of “Social Lies”.  Reaching far past the line of what is punk rock and into a groovy surf rock with a smooth jazz lounge singer who brings to mind an American born Dave Vanian, this unruly gang of audio hoodlums revel in their audacity of beloved influences.

Fans of a more avante garde styled Mike Patton, an abrasive ‘92 era Ministry, disciples of the immortal surf God Dick Dale, a little Brian Setzer and classic early Misfits jump to attention. This is free form jazz meets Ministry distorted anger meets feral Black Flag at closing time of your favorite bar. Original, crazed and decadent. Coherent yet running amok like a herd of yellow eyed cats on a dark halloween. The Flight Risks band are keeping it crazy and that’s how they dig it.