Cosmic Rock

Trash Room “Whiskey & Bad Decisions”

Charlotte based punk group Trash Room rip up the rules with this ep entitled “Whiskey & Bad Decisions”. A rough and tumble punk and roll outfit made up of Angel Beeson on bass, Mik Beeson on guitar, Amber Comber on vocals and drummer Travis Overcash these guys will appeal to fans of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat and early Nirvana or Mudhoney. I definitely hear a lot of influences going on which is so much cooler than a band that just goes by the scene book numbers of what’s a given with many. Singer Amber has a cool delivery full of refreshing attitude and heart. Great rhythm section and guitar drive this sound toward the edge but having fun with it too. Stand out for me include “Derailed”, the title track and the best “Words Like Daggers”.  The name has been kicking around a good while getting props in Charlotte’s music scene. Trash Room are standing out and making waves in the NC punk rock crowd.