Cosmic Rock



- Pat 'Riot' Whitaker





Australia's TURTLE SKULL have dropped an amazing 4-song self-titled EP on the public to introduce us all to this amazing band.


Their music is a head-warping blend of psych-pop and stoner fuzz with slight shoegaze elements tossed in for good measure. The doom-tinged fuzzery of "No News Is Bad News", the first track here, is a stellar nod worthy aural notation that chips away at your skull. Rhythmic hypnotic palpitations caress your ears as airy vocals resonate, all while the guitar smolders away.


Then there's "Take It Or Leave It", an uptempo flow of foggy music emanates constant hazy, hallucinatory ripples and oscillates with waves of lysergia. It becomes as if you are caught in a sonic slipstream of euphoric, feel good audio as the cares of life melt away.


The quintet of Dean McLeod (guitar/vocals), Charlie Gradon (drums/vocals), Julian Frese (bass), Dan Frizza (synths), and Tobia Blefari (drums/percussion), one-eighty with "Eden" somewhat though. Denser fuzz thickness in the stomp-y guitars churn out some killer discharges in this opiate-like rocker.


For me, the real stand out track is the EP closing "Empty Ships", this is otherworldly psychedelia that is absolutely superb in every aspect. Lighter than air, gripped with slow oozing grooves and a laid back delivery, this is one hell of a magnificent composition... period.


There is psych rock and then there is PSYCH ROCK. This is the latter, it's unique and fun, eclectic and escapist, a real high watermark that should cause a lot of other so called psych bands to realize their shortcomings. Stream the S/T EP from TURTLE SKULL in our review or float on over to Bandcamp HERE for streaming / purchase options.


For Fans Of Black Mountain, Dead Meadow or Starflyer 59.