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Pat 'Riot' Whitaker


The arrival of the New York band Uncrossing, a band poised and perfect for breakthrough success, is sure to impact fans of various genres and scenes.  


The quartet have just released their 3 song self-titled debut and let me tell you, this thing is a short play powerhouse of epic proportions. The EP is literally all over the place, not in some chaotic or disjointed way though, but with its genre-tapping cohesion.


It pulls water from various wells, yet it all begins with a base foundation of psyche-doom and alternative rock. From there, touches of grunge, metal and even a modicum of pop are aptly utilized with remarkable results.


It all unfurls with the classical metal intro of "Get It From Me", which soon dissolves into a heady, chugging number. Driving chord progressions soon resonate as things get under way, all while the rhythm section keeps things quite well riveted into place. Throaty, sultry vocals, laden with dynamic range are soon soaring with hypnotic luster.


From there, a Hotel California-ish start to "What I Want" comes rippling forth, soothing and sedate. It soon gives way to a building intensity in the music as those vocals once again climb to great heights. Things alternate between those periodic calms and energetic storms of heavier musical discharges from there.


Then comes "IOU", the EP closing monstrosity of bluesy doom, its Iommi-ian riffs surging their somber notes. Eventually both guitars are in unison, emitting dual harmonies right before the song soon descends into spiraling recesses. That sonic depressing relents though, things quickly rising in timing, tempo and energy for some nice heavy rock.


Based on these three tracks, Uncrossing clearly provide a breath of fresh air for all of those burdened with the mediocre. The band, singer Kristin Flammio, guitarist Jared Drace, bassist Scott Meyer. and drummer Sanal Leejean, have delivered their first strike with the band's self-titled EP.


From here, I fully expect Uncrossing to rise high and can easily see them making great leaps in the name of underground rock.  Hear for yourself and see what you think by Bandcamp-streaming the Uncrossing EP using the link below. Once there, you can currently obtain the S/T EP as a Name Your Price download... and you would be crazy not to.


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