Cosmic Rock

With the influx, and resulting rise, of electronica in underground music, sometimes now referred to as Darkwave, being a "thing"... we sure get some interesting audio happening.

For instance, Ireland's Unkindness Of Ravens are the perfect example of what intriguing outcomes can come of untethered experimentation. The band recently released their third studio effort, "Beautiful Tragedies", through Wolftrap Records back in March. What the album contains is nothing short of mind-expanding sonic contents, such that are rooted heavily in doom and psychedelia at their base.

The doom portion of it is laden with traditional and funeral nuances but the players - Danielle, Darren, Daryl and Philly - heap a bevy of additional layers onto it from there. Tinged with symphonic, ambient and atmospheric enhancements and then topped off with immense emotional components, both musically and vocally, this is quite powerful music.

From the dark, haunting intro song "Leda And The Swan", you immediately discern that this is not just some typical, run-of-the-mill fare. The song is a good representation of some of the more malevolent feeling moments captured on the record. The sub-human sounding, effect heavy vocals are augmented by the slowly oozing density of ominous music simmering beneath them. 

Other standout selections include the powerfully touching "Marching In Circles", "Blackthorn" and "Kiss The Moon". All three are more in the vein of music found in the modern eras of such bands as Paradise Lost or Katatonia, their vibes transmit heartfelt feelings of loss and reflection.

My personal favorite here, perhaps, is "Shot Down", as it too is a slowly paced, yet searing rendering of emotional contents under pressure. The bubbling, ever present synths rippling throughout the track are a cool touch. They're fading into the background at certain points, while other instrumentation picks up in intensity, all serves to yield a subtle volatility.

In closing, if you're a fan of more eclectic, unique music that is able to evoke feeling, and drive some possible self introspection, then this is for you. Or maybe you just dig something entirely different from the norm of what is happening elsewhere in underground music... then, this too is for you. I dare say you cannot listen to Unkindness Of Ravens via "Beautiful Tragedies" and walk away unscathed.

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