Cosmic Rock

Atala have released a new video for the song "Desolate Lands" from Bearer of Light courtesy of Salt of the Earth Records. Produced by Kyle Stratton/Video Produced Zak Kupcha.

North Carolina long running reggae greats Selah Dubb video for "Evolution of Love"

Tonight we spotlight this recovered vintage video interview with the late Boo, drummer of the groups Animal Bag and Gideon Smith & Dixie Damned. Filmed at Tremont Music Hall in 2002 and featured on the television program "Nothing But Drums", Boo talks about his history as a drummer and more. A great musician and friend to many this video is a rare throwback to Boo's music and memory.

"There’s no denying when it’s time to kick ass, and after getting their feet wet in a molten pool of heavy blues on their 2012 self-titled debut EP, Green Desert Water are ready for the next stage..."

Today's Video Feature is the group Ahab with the song "The Isle" from the 2015 album "The Boats of Glen Carrig" (Napalm Records)..

Tonight's video feature is Blackwulf with the new one "Sinister Sides" from Ripple Music..

Tonight's Video Feature is "Look Over Yonder Hill", a short film...

Today's Video Feature is Year of the Cobra's  "Persephone". Live footage was taken on 11/12/2016 at the Funhouse in Seattle, WA...

Today's featured video is "Bloody Mary" written and performed by Black Road. Debut self-titled EP "Black Road (2017)"...

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